The easiest ways to play Flash Games in 2024

Flash games are in danger of becoming lost media.
Adobe Flash Player was a plugin that allowed web browsers to play multimedia content like animations and videos. It was popular for creating interactive web content but faced issues like security vulnerabilities. Adobe decided to end support for Flash Player in 2020, and major web browsers stopped supporting it. Users were advised to uninstall it for security reasons.

Since Flash was widely used for online games from the late 1990s to the early 2020s, a vast number of Flash games were created and hosted on various websites. Unfortunately, with the discontinuation of Adobe Flash Player at the end of 2020 and the subsequent decline of Flash-based content, many of these games are no longer accessible in their original form. How many games went missing? While it’s challenging to provide an exact count, the legacy of Flash games is significant, and many people fondly remember playing them during the heyday of Flash-based web content. Some efforts have been made to preserve and archive Flash games for historical purposes, but the overall number is still challenging to quantify precisely.

Blue Maxima's Flash Point

You can download an all in one client from

BlueMaxima’s program supports:

What makes this the ultimate program for flash gaming is its “plug-n-play” nature. You download and install the program and simply search the games you want to play through the launcher. Flashpoint will then download and run the game for you to enjoy!

"I'm good I'll use Miniclip and other sites"

Miniclip converted their website into a stupid portfolio. See for yourself. It’s a slap in the face for all the fans they curated through the years of their flash game library. Miniclip wants you to “forget” and focus on their cashcow games like 8-ball pool and other games they’ve acquired like Subway Surfers and

I can’t be too negative to Miniclip. They did keep their flash game platform open until the end of Adobe flash support. However they didn’t attempt to offer a new-age solution.

What flash game websites still work in 2024?

Here are a few of the ones I could find and test that still work?
This is a great alternative if you have a chromebook

Armor Games
Cool Math Games

All these amazing sites from the 2000s figured out a way to keep their website games working after the discontinuation of flash. No excuses from Miniclip.

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