Can you create Mountain Dew’s Limited Time flavor, Game Fuel?

What is so great about Mountain Dew Game Fuel?

Mountain Dew Game Fuel is a novelty Mountain Dew flavor that has been released alongside various video game releases since the 2000s. Game Fuel is most notably remembered for it’s Halo 3 promotion. It takes a cherry citrus flavor. I love the taste of Game Fuel. Is it nostalgia driving me to like it? Probably, but I remember previously disliking the TitanFall 2 (2016) batch as it left a strange aftertaste. The Halo Infinite (2023) batch didn’t suffer from that issue.

History of Game Fuel Releases:

(2007) Halo 3
(2009) World of Warcraft
(2011) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
(2012) Halo 4
(2013) Every2Minutes
(2014) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 
(2015) Black Ops III
(2016) Titanfall 2
(2017) Every60Seconds
(2023) Halo Infinite

Arby’s Restaurant’s also saw a fountain drink release from 2016 to 2018.

Mixing Code Red + Live Wire to make Game Fuel

Game Fuel is a Citrus Cherry flavor
Code Red is a Cherry Flavor
Live Wire is an Orange Flavor
Code Red + Live Wire should equal Game Fuel.

What Does it taste like?

Not like Game Fuel…
Just like how Powerade and regular Mountain Dew doesn’t make Baja Blast, color doesn’t mean it will taste like it looks. Which is a big shame. I do find it funny how a YouTube video from 2016, users were mixing these 2 flavors in hopes of Baja Blast. WHAT!? I couldn’t taste Baja Blast. It tasted like Code Red with maybe a hint of orange. Game Fuel has too unique of a flavor that makes recreating it hard. And I am not a chemist to concoct all the necessary ingredients to make my own homemade batch.

Wait, A Promotionless Permanent Release?

In May 2014, Game Fuel quietly debuted in stores across the United States, establishing itself as a permanent flavor in most regions. This iteration of Citrus Cherry broke tradition by omitting a game promotion for the first time.

By late 2018, the Game Fuel branding was separated from Citrus Cherry’s design and transitioned to a new line of energy drinks known as Amp Game Fuel, later abbreviated to Game Fuel in late 2020. This new direction was officially launched in January 2019, and from then until 2023, the Citrus Cherry design no longer incorporated the words “Game Fuel.”

This is where Mountain Dew messed up. They took Game Fuel which was known for its flavor and video game promotional use and tried to repackage Mountain Dew Kick Starts as Game Fuel.

In the early months of 2019, Citrus Cherry, alongside several other underperforming flavors such as Real Sugar, White Out, Diet Code Red, Pitch Black, Caffeine-Free Mountain Dew, and Caffeine-Free Diet Mountain Dew, was removed from shelves in most regions. As of July 2022, these flavors are sporadically produced in the Midwest region by independent Pepsi bottlers. However, in December 2022, Wispak quietly halted the production of Citrus Cherry, resulting in its complete discontinuation.

From leaked shipment sheets, It is clear that Pepsi Co. wants to treat the flavor as a novelty. Citrus Cherry is always paired with another one-off flavor. Fruit Storm was reworked into Mystic Punch. Citrus Cherry Game Fuel is speculated to re-release in 2024 from leaks found by the Dew Drinker Discord. Hopefully its true as it is an amazing flavor.

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