Nostalgia Is important.

Lost to Time Content

There is tons of interesting content that gets left in the past, and often replaced with abysmal content. My simple goal is to help you attain some useful info to search for past memories because Nostalgia is Important.

the bland future.

Companies continue to simplify their branding. They simplify Logos and products to maximize THEIR profits. what made brands and the things we grew up with so integral to us today was how they made us feel. Visualize the experience you had at McDonald’s during the 2000s and today’s McDonald’s restaurant. Completely different. I’m nostalgic for many things out of the 2000s as companies produced fun and vibrant products back then. I talk a lot about the amazing things from the past on my socials @peaknostalgia (Not twitter)

I’m Joey,  a 1997 baby raised in Oregon. From an early age, I had recognized a sort of nostalgic element with a fascination for old vintage stuff. Going to college for graphic design awoke me to practices of a modern  future. One where companies simplify their designs down to boring shapes. Almost every new housing development is run by an HOA, which requires you to keep your house boring and uniform. Devoid of mood-inspiring colors. Being unique is what makes you human. Companies want to go bland to maximize their profits. When was the last real selection of colorful cars? Colorful Apple phones? YOU can choose from greys, blacks OR whites in the modernized, bland world. That is not the world I’ll live in. Nostalgia Block is a site dedicated to articles that educate and remind us the the days we felt happy and childlike.

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