Pinterest is the ultimate image site for your nostalgia

Pinterest has been my favorite tool for finding photos of things I have not seen in over 10+ years. The photo-based website makes it very easy to organize and save images as you come across ones you love. Don’t let Pinterest deter you if you’re a Male. I began to use this platform only after I had to use the site for my Graphic Design classes. Because of this mandatory introduction, I have loved it ever since. Pinterest is good for any subject, whether you love finding house design ideas, or mountain landscapes. Once you get started you can’t back out from the experience.

How to use Pinterest for Nostalgia?

When you begin to pin images to your profile or designated board, visually similar images will begin to populate your feed. Pinterest has a very good image-learning algorithm that can take what you’ve pinned and find similar content. Searching for a topic you want to remember [for example: 2000s Cartoons] will begin to show you images of the said topic. You have the option to filter out images by Hiding pins to improve your searches. You can create boards that further filter and refine the process of finding past memories.

Ways To Use Pinterest for finding past memories:

  • Use Boards to organize topics and get new suggestions for pins to save.
  • You can browse people’s boards of similar interests to build up your profile boards of memories.
  • The Image search option in the bottom right of a photo will give you more options closely relating to the content of the original image.
  • When you don’t know the name of a topic. You can reverse image search a photo with the image search tool, or use the image with Google Lens to generate a better lead for the topic name.
  • You can hide pins to better customize your For you homepage.

Some annoyances that I have with Pinterest is that it’s not easy to search for content via text. It usually will take the last topic you saved and give you dozens to hundreds of similar images on your For-you page. Very important that you get conformable with the photo options in the bottom right corner of each unique photo. the 3 dots will give you the option to hide images. This was super useful for when I was building a board consisting of profile pictures, and I wanted my home feed to divert away from that subject. Occasionally you’ll need to jump start the homepage by researching a few topics you want and saving some pins. You can also choose to hide pin suggestions for specific boards as some boards may not benefit from the typical suggestions. Pinterest is a great but limited tool in the scope of its for-you algorithm. I recommend taking the few extra steps to set up a for you page that will be more in line with your interests.

Various Examples for Boards you should make

  • Video Games
  • Music
  • Movies & TV
  • Food
  • Books & Magazines
  • Electronics
  • Objects
  • Toys
  • Locations & Places
  • Aesthetics
  • People

The goal isn’t to make as many Pinterest boards. The lesson that I am having to learn is that with super niche boards, they’re often hard to find later. Keep your topic boards really simple.

If you want to add sections, I would do it like this.
Example board: Video Games

  • Nintendo
  • Sony
  • Microsoft

The power to finding nostalgia is setting up those few initial boards to categorize topics and file them away for personal preservation. The way I have organized my topics to better help myself find content was to use tags like Toys, TV, Food, video games, Places, etc. It is hard to convey my excitement on this blog about how useful this is. I found A LOT of past childhood memories by just spending a few minutes each week pinning a few things to my boards when I’m bored. I had completely forgotten about tons of topics and images help to begin to unlock part of your past thoughts. It’s so easy to forget about the name of something you enjoyed a decade ago.

Social media creators in the Nostalgia niche rely heavily on Pinterest. It is by far the most reliable tool for finding content for those emotional memory-unlocking slideshows. Personally, the only reason why I know people use Pinterest is because this popular image of the elementary school gym parachute is always included in a nostalgia video. Over time I began to notice other overused images trending in the direction that would suggest that Pinterest was the number one source for their content research. I can’t blame creators as Pinterest is the best search tool. A tool that I use on a weekly basis to gather ideas for new projects.

I find that Pinterest is much better to navigate than Google Images as the Google Image portion of their search engine can usually be littered with shopping advertisements. While clicking on an image on Google will give some suggestions, it is usually not as robust as the options I’ve experience with Pinterest.

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