Video game maps of McDonald’s playplaces

One night, I had a random thought to see if maps of a McDonald’s playplace existed. To my surprise, a few were created. You can play various versions of maps people created right now

McDonald's Playplace - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6.

Little Counter-Terrorists and Little Terrorists went to McDonald’s and got their kids meals and decided to play Counter-Strike in the play place. This is a straight-up deathmatch map–no bombsites, no hostages, no VIPs. –Eric43

You can check out this map here

McDonald's (Trade/Hangout Map)- A Map for Team Fortress 2

Recreated a McDonald’s with a PlayPlace for Team Fortress 2 in the middle of a desert. Red and Blue spawn on opposing sides of the restaurant in the parking lots. Head in, hang out, and see what secrets there are to find… Enjoy!Gravidea

mcdonalds playplace - A Roblox map

This crude map was created on Roblox in 2018 by user fredgauss1124. The map is scaled to have a much larger and navigable play place. This map isn’t 1 to 1 with the original scale. However, it’s still an enjoyable experience worth checking out.

You can check out this map here

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