Comparing cameras that feel nostalgic

The 5 easily obtainable cameras that brings you back to being a kid

I wanted to compare images and videos side by side as tons of users online have been increasingly interested in these grainy cameras. I chose these cameras as these are relatively easy options to get ahold of. Plus the ease of use and file uploading are the easiest among other digital cameras from the early 2000s. Discussed options mostly use SD Cards that can be retrieved with a simple SD card reader.

It’s important to note that not all 6 variants of cameras support both video and photo modes. For simplicity sake, both the Flip camera and IPod video footage have provided screenshots in this blog to give you examples of the camera’s quality.

To see side by side comparisons, check out the YouTube video.

Flip Camera

The Flip camera is the best looking camera on this list, being capable of shooting 720p. It is the youngest camera, next to the Nintendo 3DS. Its greatest strengths is it’s ease of use with file transferring and removable double AA batteries. Many cameras later discussed will have issues with its batteries. The Flip Camera isn’t capable of taking photos, which feels like an oversight. It’s biggest downside is the non-expandable memory. You can only record up to 1-2 hours of footage depending on models.

You can find these on eBay floating around $20-30


Ipod Nano 5th gen

Similar issue like the Flip camera. The IPod Nano is only capable of video, with a resolution of 480p. The lens used on the IPod gives you a wider shot video. However it doesn’t work great paired with the lower resolution. The Footage is easy to retrieve using the provided IPod sync cable. Sadly with these older devices, the IPod’s internal battery is its downfall. These batteries are susceptible to swelling, and will usually require replacing before being able to fully charge. I recommend finding a dealer online that sells restored models. Like the Flip camera, it also suffers from internal memory.

You can find options on Ebay roughly around $60-100


Nintendo 3ds Camera

The Nintendo 3DS is capable of a max photo resolution of 480p and video at 240p. It’s biggest upside being that you likely have a 3ds lying around. The Nintendo 3DS uses an SD card to store videos and photos, making it easy to export files to a computer. I found it odd that the video footage appears to come out at a 16×10 ratio. The images gave a smoother high quality look when compared to the other cameras. I wasn’t a huge fan of the warm/yellow look that these photos produced. However you might enjoy the nostalgic warmth of the colors.

3DS’ vary in models. You can find some on eBay for $100-200


Amazon cameras

This camera intended for kids is the easiest “aesthetic” camera to purchase if you’re looking for some nostalgic photos. Since I’m not a photographer or image analyst, I can’t really pin point the exact specs online since the Chinese sellers lie about the specifications. They claim the camera is capable of 1080p video and 4928×3712 resolution photos. The video footage also looks scrunched when compared to other footage. The photos also suffer when shot in harsh light and low light. Its true resolution likely parallels that of the PSP silver’s quality or the Nintendo 3DS’ resolution. What I like about the camera is it uses micro SD and is rechargeable. Plus its cheap price allows for easy replacements if they break.

You can buy one on Amazon here.


PSP Cameras

There are two PSP cameras that were released for this handheld. A Japan exclusive silver one in 2006, capable of 1.3 mega pixel photo and video. While the Worldwide release Black camera in 2010, was capable of 0.3 mega pixel photo and video. So the Silver is clearly better? At first I’d agree to that statement. Take a look at the photos. While the Silver beats the Black version in resolution, The silver lacks great color and suffers in low light situations.

The PSP cameras are more or less a novelty. You will need to have a working PSP, an SD card adapter since the PSP uses a proprietary storage system (you could use a PSP data cable), and likely your PSP battery bloated up making it impossible to boot. After taking into consideration those costs.

The Average Silver PSP camera on eBay costs $100-150
The Average Black PSP camera on eBay costs $30-50

Black Examples

Silver Examples

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