The Pooter by Jack Vale remains the best fart prank

The Pooter was simple, yet a hard to master fart gag. It consisted of a rubber cylinder with a hard plastic top. Small enough to be concealable and believable that it was you who farted. It’s a relatively cheap high-quality product that you can still buy from him today at What made the Pooter amazing was how believable the fart sounds were. No two fart sounds were the same, which made those fart noise makers useless. When I used to use this on unsuspecting people, they really thought it was me.

In 2008, Jack Vale began posting pretty consistent videos to his YouTube channel on the Pooter. With each video being harmless fart sounds on unsuspecting shoppers in super markets. Episode 1 starts off by informing the world about the Pooter, as Jack states:

“This video is dedicated to all the aspiring fart pranksters out there who have been on a search for a REALISTIC sounding fart gag”

“I became sick of all the fart machines that repeat the same electric generated sounds coming out of that cheap speaker. So, I patented a small, handheld product and called it ‘The Pooter’. And now, I use it everywhere I go!”

Simple Design, but hard to master

Once you showed friends and family the Pooter, they’d want to give it a try. However almost everyone of them failed to replicate a somewhat believable sound. Almost always making high-pitched squeals or a sound of rushing air. This was not a simple pick up and use novelty toy. It did require some prior understanding and practice.

The Pooter is best used when place near the base of your palm. The meatier the part of your hand is, the better. It is like making an arm fart. When you blow into your arm, you find the fattiest part to give the sound a nice reverberation. Jack Vale understood that many users would have problems using the Pooter so he created various tutorial videos he dubbed the Pootorial.

The Pooter worked better when moistened. Jack himself designed a Pooter-wax substance than can be used to create the needed friction for those deep sounding farts. In high school, my buddy and I would pair up and use his fart spray in conjunction to the Pooter. That fart spray was another deadly gag from the 2000s that just smelt awful!

I remember days at school where one fart spray was enough to clear a whole freshman bathroom. This was also great anti-cologne. Spray on that one kid you dislike, and watch as all the kids move away from them.


A sort of 2000s issue you don’t see today was content creator’s backing up their content in physical media. The YouTube platform wasn’t yet around for a full decade. Strange to think from 2005 to 2015 was Youtube’s first 10 years. So Jack Vale took to efforts to preserve his product, but also have another sellable product on his website. Smart.

Drop-shippers and Clones

Cheap knock-offs have been on the marker for awhile. However true fans of the Pooter will undestandably know the Pooter is the fart-canister to get. On Twitter, I would occasionally see ads with Jack Vale on the video cover, selling a knock-off Ali Express product. Jack would NEVER need to do something like that. Also with the cheaper ones come build quality issues, where the plastic would wear and break after a few dozen uses.

My original Pooter from over 15 years ago has stood the test of time. You can see the product’s flexibility and rubber material that led to it’s longevity, Something cheap knockoff just can’t achieve. From its inception, Jack has released hundreds of videos showcasing the simple harmless gag. As of January 2024, He brings in a considerable amount of views on each video that acts as free advertisement. What make his videos awesome is when people get mad at him!

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  1. I remember when Jack was offering a chance at a surprise phone call from himself to someone who purchased a Pooter during a specific time frame. I did not win, but I still enjoyed my Pooter nevertheless!

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