Using Google Lens to find missing information

Google Lens is not a tool reserved for resellers. It offers practical image-to-text algorithms to help you find information tied to images. It is not a perfect system as a few below examples will show its flaws. I like to use Google Lens to find out how old an item is, its perceived value online, and the names of things I don’t know of.

You’re able to use Google Lens on both computer interfaces and your cellphone. What’s nice about the phone version is that you can take photos in real time for things you need help finding more information for.

Pirate toy

This figure closely resembled Mario from Nintendo’s franchises. Google Lens allows the ability for you to put a search term along side the image you’re looking to lens. In this case I added the key term pirate, which helped me find similar images of the pirates with the brand name Keenway. By then Googling Keenway pirate sets, I was able to find the toy set I had as a kid.

Old Tigger

When I began to see if I could find the origins of this Tigger toy piece, I didn’t have much luck. While it immediately recognized the character, it was still based on giving results for the overall topic. Some search listings would share it was a 90s toy, but even searching that came up with no results. Google Lens did do a good job of identifying the character, just not the origin of the toy’s original play set.

BurgerKing Panda?

This thing is an enigma. It is a vinyl figure stamped with a Burger king logo on its feet. This was a toy I got from the fast food restaurant from the 2000s. No matter what key search terms I tried, I got no useful results. This has to be the biggest nostalgia mystery for me yet. As the panda toy isn’t documented online by wiki forums. Fitting as it has a ? symbol on his belly.

Yellow Power ranger

My childhood best friend gave this figure to me when I was roughly 4. How his parents probably cringed when he told him his toy went missing. While I’m not the biggest Power Ranger fan, it was nice to look this up with Google Lens to find the original packaging it came in. As well as the various other figures that came out with the Yellow Wind Ranger.

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